A Year for Change

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2013 was an amazing year for our little family. We left Stillwater, OK and made the move to Rogers, AR. We were heartbroken to leave our church family and all the amazing friendships we had established in the area, but a new journey called to us.

Nick immediately began his new position at our local Chamber. He loved it the moment he started, and he loves it still. We had to live apart for a while, but two of my girlfriends housed me in Guthrie until the school year was up. I get to keep very special moments from those visits, and two women who will be my friends for life. I miss them everyday.

Finding a job in Rogers was not easy. I must have filled out hundreds of job applications for an array of openings and all to no avail. After months of searching, a chance meeting led to a hand-off of my resumé and a subsequent interview.

God came through.

I was hired to work as an English teacher at a local alternative high school. I have loved every moment since.

On top of our careers coming together and moving in positive directions, we added to our family. I had been relentless about my desire to adopt a puppy, and so as an early Master’s degree gift, Nick gave me the go ahead. Ellie joined our family shortly thereafter:

Ellie PuppyYou can see why we love her so much. A cute face like this can’t help but to melt your heart.

Ellie soon decided that the pool was her favorite place in the world:

Ellie puppy poolIt was a hot summer. She made the most of pool time!

Since mommy was still looking for a teaching job, Ellie got an infinite amount of attention. Spoilage occurred quite young. Also, since daddy only worked two miles from home, he’d come home for lunch to visit with mommy. This led to some massive begging:

Ellie Puppy and DadIt was difficult not to give her a little bit a love despite her begging. Come on, how can you say not to this:

Ellie puppy couchThe correct answer is: You can’t.

Ellie wouldn’t be alone in the world for long. Buttons and Noelle hated her the minute she came into the house, but she would soon get a brother that would accept her and love her for everything that she was.

best friends

best friends2They love each other!

Soon, they began to fight for their parents love. Luckily, we had enough to share:

JB and Mom2

Daddy and furbabiesOur two newbies have enriched our lives more than we could have ever imagined. They are worth every moment.

Ellie has taken a particular liking to her dad, though:

Ellie and DadI might be a little jealous. 😉

Anyhow, we have been feeling blessed as ever. This year will bring many new changes as well. Although, at this point in time, we’re not sure what those will be.

We have big plans, but we know God is bigger and everything will happen in His time.

Day of Itinerary

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Day of Itinerary

For those of you who are going to use the shuttles to travel out to the venue, they will be picking up at the Townplace Suites by Marriott in Owasso. The address is:

9355 North Owasso Expressway

Owasso, OK 74055

The shuttles will be departing at  4:00pm, and 4:25pm from the Towneplace Suites. There is open parking at the hotel if you are staying in a different area to where you can come park and ride the shuttle in.

Starting at 2:00pm the day of the wedding – Saturday, November 10th – there will be complimentary red and white wine served in the conference room at the Townplace Suites provided by the brides parents. Everyone is welcome to drop in and have a couple glasses of wine to start the festivities before boarding the bus to the venue or departing on your own.

Shuttles will depart from the venue every 30-45 minutes starting at 8:00pm and ending around 11:30pm. They will drop back off at the Towneplace Suites.

As you arrive at the venue, keep in mind that reception seating will be in place even during the ceremony. There will be ushers at the venue ready to greet you and show you to your tables.

The wedding will start promptly at 5:25pm with the seating of the grandparents.

Timeline is as follows: 

5:25-6:00pm – Ceremony

6:00-6:45pm – Cocktail Hour, Open bar with red and white wine and beer, photos and dance lesson

6:45pm – Introduction of the Wedding Party, Dinner Buffet opens serving Chicken, New York Strip and Seasonal Vegetables

7:30pm – Bride and Groom Slideshow during dinner

7:45pm – Toasts

8:00pm – Cake cutting

8:15pm – First dances followed by open dance floor

9:30pm – Bouquet toss/Garter toss

11:00pm – Last Dance

11:05 (ish) – Bride and Groom Grand Exit



Continued from Our Last Post

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Continued from Our Last Post

So… where was I?

Nichole had been given her first classroom to decorate and prepare for the coming school year. So what was she to do in terms of getting the room ready? Well, anyone who knows Nichole knows that she went ALL OUT… or about as all out as a young couple with a tight budget can go. 🙂 She was able to get enough borders, colorful posters, and some neat furniture to deck her room out and make it a place the students would (and indeed DO) love to come into every morning. She painted her desk to get it pretty and not quite so old-looking. She even had me come in and hang up some of her posters and such EVERYWHERE, from the lowest part of the walls all the way up to the tippy top – where even I needed a chair to reach. (more…)

Finally Back into the Swing of Things…

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Finally Back into the Swing of Things…

Okay, okay… I know that it has simply been TOO LONG since Colie or I last posted, but we have been doing A LOT and been around EVERYWHERE! (more…)

A Week in McKinney

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A Week in McKinney

Hey All,

Nick and I just returned home from almost a week in McKinney, Texas. We went to take a “mini” honeymoon, as we will not be able to go to our planned honeymoon to Oahu until next summer due to our schedules, and my goodness was it amazing! My parents bought a beautiful house in the area, and Nick and I spent the days out by the pool reading, barbecuing at night, visiting some of our favorite people, and enjoying the relative splendor of being alone, together. (more…)

Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day Weekend

Hey Everyone!

It is Saturday evening and Nick and I are sitting out on the Smith’s back patio in Owasso enjoying the warm weather and the fireflies. This last week was a first as we are now no longer in a long distance relationship and we get to spend ample amounts with each other – it truly is fabulous, and I couldn’t be happier to have those long drives behind us! (more…)

Home in Stillwater

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Home in Stillwater

Hey All!

We hope everything has been going well with all of you! These last few weeks have been incredibly busy for us, but so awesome! I have been working hard at Headquarters, and Nichole has been finishing up all the necessary things to make sure her teacher certification comes through this summer. Really, it’s been business as usual… AND SO MUCH MORE! (more…)

So many exciting things to look forward to!

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So many exciting things to look forward to!

Hey all,

Nick has been so wonderful keeping up with the blogging, that I wanted to get in here and make sure I contributed as well! 🙂 Things have been going great in our separate lives so far, but we are looking forward to finally getting to say goodbye to the days of a long distance relationship and hello to married life. I have three more weeks living in Joplin, and then it is onward to my new life in Stillwater! The next several weeks hold many things we are looking forward to. (more…)

Finally!… Another Update

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Finally!… Another Update


Again, it seems to take us far too long to get more of these posts up here – I’m definitely gonna have to work on that!

Since last I wrote, we had received our save-the-dates and were in the process of securing everyone’s addresses to have them sent out. Shouldn’t take much longer before I am off to the post office with LOTS of mail. Who says junk mail is the only thing saving our postal service? Weddings seem to give them quite a bit, these days IMHO. 🙂 (more…)

Another Day…

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Another Day…

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it has taken us so long to put up another post – we’ve been busy busy BUSY!

Since last I wrote, we’ve received our save-the-dates and are in the process of securing everyone’s addresses to have them sent out soon! Both Nichole and I are very happy with how they turned out, so hopefully you all enjoy the spirit that comes with them. As the designer, I also hope you enjoy the little theme we have going between the website and our save-the-dates. (more…)