All Work and No Play…

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All Work and No Play…

Hello again everyone!

It’s been a little while since we’ve written a new post, so I thought I would update everyone on what all we’ve been up to. I officially finished setting up our website a while back, but had been tweaking the backend stuff and whatnot for a while. However, I have finished that up, and just today put the finishing touches on our Save-the-Dates, which we’ll be ordering soon. I’m pretty excited about that actually since it’s most certainly a passion project of sorts for me and Colie right now. I made sure to tie the theme in with everything, so you’ll definitely notice a passing resemblance to our website when yours comes in the mail, but for now, how about a little teaser image?

Truthfully, I love getting to do stuff like this! One of the things I absolutely love Colie for is her encouragement with my artwork, especially in how we have the apartment set up. Before her, my apartment’s walls were kinda bare, but she has done an excellent job of putting both of our photography as well as some of my work on the walls and making the place look fantastic! We’ve already got plans to do something nice with all of our wedding themed items, and as long as she continues to think that my stuff looks decent we’ll have a never ending supply of cheap art to put up. 🙂

Speaking of Colie, she has been hard at work not only student teaching but also acting as a volunteer track coach for some of her students at the school she’s student teaching at – hence why she’s been a bit busy lately. I know she’s doing a wonderful job, and from what I’ve gathered she LOVES IT! I’ll let her tell you more about what all she’s doing, but one thing is for sure, she was definitely designed to be a teacher. That woman LOVES to teach and encourage students, and I cannot thank God enough for bringing me a woman who knows how to deal with kids since she’s going to have to put up with me for the rest of her life. 😉 Seriously, she is doing a wonderful job and I know that she’s going to have great things ahead as we move on together with our careers.

My work continues to keep me busy! I just found out this week that I’ll be going to the Midwest District convention for KKΨ & TBΣ the weekend of March 31-April 1. It’s in Rolla, MO, so I’ll be taking Colie with me, and we’ll be selling jewelry and be the official HQ presence at the convention. We won’t have to do anything too crazy but it will definitely be a fun weekend, and one that I’m sure we’ll both enjoy. The MWD kids are a great group, one that Colie loves to be around (as evidenced by the past MWD President being one of Colie’s bridesmaids – Hi Maggie!), and with any luck some of my home chapter kids from Arkansas may just be there as well! Regardless of who all is there though I know it’s going to be a wonderful time!

However – for now I need to go so that I can get some more work done before Big Bang Theory in an hour… I love that show, but I’m pretty sure I’ve lived several episodes with some of my friends. Bazinga!

PS – Don’t forget to leave us comments and such when you visit, folks! We love hearing from you all and may even write back! 😀


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