Another Day…

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Another Day…

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it has taken us so long to put up another post – we’ve been busy busy BUSY!

Since last I wrote, we’ve received our save-the-dates and are in the process of securing everyone’s addresses to have them sent out soon! Both Nichole and I are very happy with how they turned out, so hopefully you all enjoy the spirit that comes with them. As the designer, I also hope you enjoy the little theme we have going between the website and our save-the-dates.

Colie and I got back this weekend from a wonderful Midwest District Convention in Rolla, MO, my 12th convention, Colie’s 3rd. Both of us had a blast – literally! They had a huge fireworks display on the opening night of the convention that ended in a giant fireball that took up the entire parking lot they used as a launch pad and actually lit several trees on fire. Yeah, gotta love those crazy college kids! 🙂 Colie and I were there to sell jewelry for HQ as part of an annual fundraiser and did quite well, IMHO. We made several new friends as well as saw some of my favorite people from my home chapters in Arkansas who came up since it was so close (relatively speaking) to their campus. I love seeing those guys – other than the old man jokes they always keep me smiling! We left the convention Sunday afternoon and got to spend a quiet night in Joplin with some homemade chow mein and  wine and got to talk/relax with her Colie’s cousin Jacob.

Nick and his University of Arkansas Brothers and Sister at MWD

However, I should back up just a bit, because on Friday Colie and I got to meet with our pre-marriage counselor/priest from Colie’s church in Joplin Father J. AWESOME DUDE! He guided us through some of our lessons we’ve done, told us we were GREAT together based on our post-assessment test results (sounds like we went to a lab…) and got us chatting about our faith and imminent marriage and really building us up for the wonderful experience we shall soon go through. We spent a good while talking with him and left the meeting feeling amazing at what all God has given us and anxious for what is to come.

I also had the chance to see Coach Paquet and her amazing students in action last Thursday night at a meet in glorious Galena, KS. Her students rocked it, and she was a pretty awesome coach as well. Her students love her, and their parents (not to mention her peers) were singing her praises as well. Colie has definitely made an impression on them, and I couldn’t be more proud to get to call her mine! 😀 Her students all ran wonderfully, and she even had a couple set meet records/PR’s (personal records for those who don’t know what that means  – I didn’t). I look forward to getting to see more of those wherever we wind up with her teaching and my designing.

The rest of this week is not nearly as fun and eventful for us. She’s got school and teaching in Joplin, I have work in Stillwater, but we’ll be meeting in Owasso again on Friday night for another wonderful weekend with my family. It’s sure to be a fun weekend. We’re almost completely done with the planning of our wedding, so really it’s just the fun details left for us to finish… but that’s for another day!

I hope this finds everyone in good spirits and good shape – I know we’ve just started Tornado season, so we’ll be praying for everyone’s safety as April comes in with a fury. Love you all, and have a great day!

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