So many exciting things to look forward to!

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So many exciting things to look forward to!

Hey all,

Nick has been so wonderful keeping up with the blogging, that I wanted to get in here and make sure I contributed as well! 🙂 Things have been going great in our separate lives so far, but we are looking forward to finally getting to say goodbye to the days of a long distance relationship and hello to married life. I have three more weeks living in Joplin, and then it is onward to my new life in Stillwater! The next several weeks hold many things we are looking forward to.

Next week Nick and I get to go see The Avengers (bring it on Midnight showing – we’re not that old!), and go support my athletes at their end of the year track party before they head off to districts. I just found out my Middle School team took the conference champions tonight, and it looks like a nice handful of our high schoolers are going to be headed to state – I am so proud of them! Anyhow, on a different note, after our fun-filled nerdfest we will be slipping away to a wonderful get-a-way on Grand Lake with some of our closest friends and colleagues…I can hardly wait! It will be a well-needed way to start the summer off right.

So very soon, Nick and his family will be coming to move me out of my apartment in Joplin and down to the Stillwater apartment where we will make our home and live out our first year of marriage. I cannot say I will miss the area at all, but I will miss the family members I will be saying goodbye to. However, I am so ready to become a permanent Oklahoma resident and be known as Mrs. Smith. 🙂 As for the road to the wedding – it seems very well paved. We are pretty much finished planning the entire event, we have only a couple more things to do and they are all required just a couple of weeks before the wedding. I cannot brag enough about my future husband and all the help he has given to making all of these things possible. I know there are a great deal of men out there who could pass on the planning part, but Nick has been hands on and I cannot even begin to explain how much it has helped. The “save the dates” have been compiled, addressed and stamped – now they only need dropped at the mailbox. For those that don’t know, Nick single-handedly designed our save the dates from scratch – I owe the awesome design to his creative genius! He is in the process of designing the invitations right now…I just cannot wait to see what he has up his sleeve! Keep an eye on the mailbox, and yours should be there soon!

I hope you all have wonderful weeks ahead of you as well, and you enjoy the summer sun as much as I am planning to! You all are in my thoughts, in my prayers, and I cannot wait until November so I can hug each and everyone of you!

Lots of Love,



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  1. Oops! Sorry about the previous entry. I hit enter too soon. I just wanted to tell both of you how much I am enjoying your website. I received the “Save the Date” today and you did a wonderful job on it. Love you both.

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