Home in Stillwater

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Home in Stillwater

Hey All!

We hope everything has been going well with all of you! These last few weeks have been incredibly busy for us, but so awesome! I have been working hard at Headquarters, and Nichole has been finishing up all the necessary things to make sure her teacher certification comes through this summer. Really, it’s been business as usual… AND SO MUCH MORE!

Colie got the wonderful news that she will be working as a Middle School teacher close to Stillwater at St. Mary’s Catholic School. She’ll be teaching social studies, reading and Bible courses to students 6th thought 8th grade. She signed the contract and got the preliminary curriculum list this week and is beyond excited. She is finally going to be a paid, full-time teacher, and not only will she be teaching history and social studies (her favorites) but also the Bible. I couldn’t be more proud and she couldn’t be more ready to get out into the world.

Secondly, as of yesterday (Saturday) Colie is officially a resident of Stillwater, OK! Together with my parents, her dad Greg and cousin Jacob and my best friend Dave and his girlfriend Lacy we moved her from her apartment in Joplin to our home in Stillwater. She has spent most of the day today getting the place organized with everything and it’s already looking AMAZING. We now have a proper guestroom with a bed as well as a spin bike and treadmill (to keep me from getting fat pre-wedding). So now we can have guests stay on something other than a blow-up mattress! 🙂 The living room looks great, we’re putting up more of our art-work all over the apartment, and the cats are LOVING all of the extra stuff to climb on (and IN as is the case with the Trader Joe’s boxes). Add to that the wonderful events taking place around us in the form of graduations (several of our friends and family members are graduating this year), her brother’s senior prom (Howdy Trevor – pictures looked great!), weddings (we’re going to four in the next two months alone), and of course we have to mention the wonderful summer movies as a bonus (Avengers, anyone?). 😉 In short, life is sweet for us right now, God is great, and we couldn’t ask for anything more!

I couldn’t be happier to be sitting here with my wifey, drinking a beer and writing our story. I hope everything is going well for those out there graduating, getting married and living life. Keep smiling everyone and keep coming back to our website!

Love you guys!


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  1. Congratulations to both of you and GOOD LUCK combining two households. Chuck and I went through that 8 years ago and we are STILL trying to get rid of stuff. Love you both.
    Aunt Kathy

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