Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day Weekend

Hey Everyone!

It is Saturday evening and Nick and I are sitting out on the Smith’s back patio in Owasso enjoying the warm weather and the fireflies. This last week was a first as we are now no longer in a long distance relationship and we get to spend ample amounts with each other – it truly is fabulous, and I couldn’t be happier to have those long drives behind us!

My grandparents, Gary and Susie, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary last Saturday May 19th while on an Alaskan Cruise. Grandma and Grandpa – I hope you know how much we love you! Congratulations! And thank you for being such a shining example of love and commitment for your family!

My cousin Coleen and her son Connor both celebrated their birthdays these past few weeks – happy birthday to one beautiful momma and one precious, precious baby!

This week has been interesting. We are almost completely finished merging our lives, as evidenced by our apartment. We have a full functioning guest room now, along with a treadmill – one which feels like I am going to fall through the floor when I run on it! Things are coming along quite nicely. Nick was quite traumatized at the idea of me getting rid of his comic books posters and the such, and I felt so bad that I just couldn’t say goodbye to them. Thus, they are now hanging in our bathroom. Seriously.

This weekend has been a well-needed rest time. Nick and I have been hanging out with my new brother-in-law Jacob this weekend. We went to see Men in Black III tonight – spoiler alert: you will cry. I never thought a Men in Black movie to be emotional, but this one takes things to a whole different level. Afterwards Nick and Jake went to go get their hair cut while I braved Wal-Mart alone on Memorial Day weekend. Obviously, I survived, but not without some trauma. We had to stock up on burgers and buns for tomorrow! Tomorrow is the big Indy 500 race – usually we would be at the track in Indianapolis, but this year we have forgone that annual vacation as this coming week we are taking a “mini” honeymoon to McKinney, TX. Since I will be teaching full-time this coming year, I didn’t want to leave my students for an extended amount of time, so Nick and I planned our honeymoon to Oahu for next summer. Thus, we saw it befitting that we take a mini one this year to make up for time lost. We plan on staying at my parents new home in the area, and spending all day by the pool with a good book and a cool drink. I have Pride and Prejudice ready to go as it is tradition that I re-read it every summer, along with Sense and Sensibility, the Time Traveler’s series, and for my pure curiousity, the Dukan Diet book. I am a bridesmaid and Maid of Honor in many upcoming weddings this summer, so I am naturally curious as a quick way to look good in those dresses! Hey – if it worked for the Duchess of Cambridge maybe it will work for me! 🙂 Until then, however, I plan to indulge my inner chubby child. 🙂

Tomorrow we expect to see many of our favorite people for some barbecue and racing. However, this weekend we also plan to remember those who have lost their lives while serving our wonderful country. I am thankful for all my friends who serve or have served – and I am so grateful that you are all happy and living your lives to the fullest! Much gratitude to my Grandpa Paquet, my PawPaw-in-law, Amber and Jason McHaffie, Arthur Mitchell, Dack Sargent, James and Stephanie Cook, my new Uncle Tom and my late Grandfather-in-law who I have heard such wonderful things about. Also, a prayer for my students who have just enlisted – my heart is with you boys, and I feel honored to have gotten the opportunity to teach you what I could before adulthood officially began. I feel so blessed to know such wonderful people, and I am so grateful to live in this amazing place!

Anyhow, after some fun in the sun the next two days I cannot wait to get down into Texas and see my Daddy! Steak and Salad by the pool on Wednesday, some quality time with one of my besties, Maggie, on Thursday and hopefully some time with the Gilbertson family later on in the week. I look forward to reading by the pool with my hubster, and I wish all of you much sunny bliss these next several weeks as we say hello to summer!

I love you all, and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to see you at our celebration in November!

All my love, and God Bless!


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