A Week in McKinney

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A Week in McKinney

Hey All,

Nick and I just returned home from almost a week in McKinney, Texas. We went to take a “mini” honeymoon, as we will not be able to go to our planned honeymoon to Oahu until next summer due to our schedules, and my goodness was it amazing! My parents bought a beautiful house in the area, and Nick and I spent the days out by the pool reading, barbecuing at night, visiting some of our favorite people, and enjoying the relative splendor of being alone, together.

Last Wednesday was bittersweet, as Nick and I had to say goodbye to two people close to our hearts, but also got to leave on our adventure. Wednesday evening we arrived in McKinney to be greeted by my Dad, and spoiled rotten. Dad cooked us up some amazingly delicious steaks, and we were able to eat and enjoy some great conversation late into the evening.

Early Thursday morning my Dad left us to our weekend and returned home to my Mom in San Diego. Nick and I slept until the sun woke us and then sat outside to enjoy our coffee as the water in the grotto made for a nice backdrop to our conversation. The rest of the morning we sat reading and joking, I cooked Nick some breakfast, and then we went to go explore the area and pick up some groceries for the rest of the week. We wound up at the Downtown McKinney Square and enjoyed some gelato. Since spending a summer in Rome, Nick has been in love with gelato, and given the chance would indulge in a couple scoops on a daily basis. Luckily, in Texas, a chain called Paciugo gelato exists, and although “not the same” I think Nick enjoyed it greatly 🙂 We strolled through the shops and found a little antique store at the end of the square that made for some exciting window shopping. There we found an old Catholic medal, and a gold lionscross from the Vatican Library Children’s Collection. Being the doting hubby, and finding the prices to be less than our gelato, Nick bought the Catholic medal for me and the lionscross for one of our future children as a special “mini” honeymoon souvenir. I love my new medal, and it has been around my neck since we left the store. After our little shopping trip, we stocked up on some chicken and veggies for the rest of the weekend and headed back to the house to meet with one of our best friends, Maggie. We chatted while enjoying some cheese and crackers, and headed out to the pool to enjoy the cool water before the Gilbertson’s joined us for dinner. That evening, Stephanie and Jordan came over for some burgers and dogs, and we were able to catch up and spend some time together – something that will have to happen a lot more often now that we will be in the area on a regular basis. The evening passed quietly, and led into another great day.

Friday was lovely! The weather was a bit hotter, but it made the pool that much sweeter! Maggie, Nick and I all ate some eggs and bacon for breakfast and enjoyed the sun. Jordan soon joined us and we all went to lunch at the Silk Road near our new house. The Thai food was great – but the ambiance of the place was amazing – definitely worth the trip! After lunch Maggie and I hit the Allen Outlets for a shopping adventure and some girl time while Nick and Jordan spent some guy time at the house, catching up and enjoying the pool while catching some sun (some serious sun! Nick’s back is super red!). It was so great to see everyone, and thank you so much to Maggie, Jordan and Stephanie for coming to see us while we were in town, we had so much fun! I know Nick was very happy to catch up with one of his groomsmen 🙂

Friday night was amazing. Nick and I barbecued chicken and veggie skewers and ate outside in beautiful weather with an almost perfectly full moon. We sat in the hot tub and talked for hours about anything and everything – basically geeking out big time (debates, politics, comic book heroes and the such…) Afterwards we went inside to watch some home videos my Dad had left for us so Nick could see me at the ripe old age of 16 months. It was actually pretty funny, and it was wonderful to have my person talk about having kids in the next few years. There was one part in the video where my parents have The Eagles on, and at 16 months I shut my eyes and lip synced the music – that got a good laugh. At one point in my life I was hilarious 😉 We went to bed so happy and grateful that life turned out the way it has for us.

Saturday was much a repeat of Friday. Nick and I slept until the sun woke us, and spent the morning sitting by the pool, drinking coffee, and reading our novels. I got halfway through Sense and Sensibility, and Nick read a great deal of The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest – the third in the Dragon Tattoo series. We ate fruit for breakfast, and took a quick swim before we headed out to lunch, a movie, and some more gelato! We went to go see Snow White and the Huntsman, hearing mixed reviews we figured it was worth the shot. As for our reviews: it wasn’t bad, but it sure as heck wasn’t good. The acting was incredibly unbalanced, as Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth owned their roles with an amazing supporting cast, but the script lacked a great deal of cohesiveness and excitement while Kristin Stewart gave a less than enthusiastic portrayal of a princess that was supposed to be beefed up into a “take names and lead men” type of character. Let alone, I think my favorite part of the movie was Charlize Theron slapping Kristin Stewart across the whole of the castle tower – not that violence is a good thing, but that it clearly demonstrated the incredible imbalance of power between the two actresses. Obviously, my opinion is not completely formed on this matter 😉 Anyhow, it was nice to relax in a cool movie theater in the middle of a hot day and afterwards we stuffed ourselves with more gelato. Having splurged the whole weekend, we returned home that evening deciding to pass on dinner except to snack on some veggies while we swam. Again we sat in the hot tub for hours, this time talking about years past and how good God is in surprising us both in His decisions for our lives. Nick and I never anticipated each other, especially not during the time we found each other, and it will always continue to amaze and inspire us both that God’s timing never fails, and that sometimes His decisions surpass human understanding. In our case, there were some interesting backgrounds, but how we came together will always be the easiest, simplest thing in our lives – more simple than breathing or blinking. The way we work together in unfounded, from the moment we began speaking we have been best friends and teammates, and we chalk it up to nothing other than God’s design. How perfect that design is will always dumbfound me.

This morning was quite slow, we got up together, cooked breakfast, had coffee and cleaned the house. Afterwards we sat in the living room where Nick read and I watched some more home videos. It’s amazing how sentimental they make me, and even more so they were just another reminder of how much I want to be a Mommy – one, hopefully as good as my own. We were on the road by 2 this afternoon, and did not get there until about 7 tonight. I am quite assured now that on Sundays, people forget how to drive. Since getting home I have been doing chores and Nick has been reading (did I mention that he really liked his book?). We decided to add another post so both our parental units could see what we were up to this weekend.

This next week holds even more fun for us. Tomorrow I go in to get all the books to start constructing my curriculum, and I have to sign all my paperwork. I’m so relieved it’s finally here so I have a better idea of what my schedule will look like, when we start the first day of school, and what my full set of responsibilities will be. I am a very structured person so it has been driving me crazy to wait to find out specifics. This coming weekend Nick’s cousin gets married, two days later my little brother graduates High School, and a week after that my best friend becomes a Mrs. So many things! All should have gotten the save the date’s now (or at least the last ones we may have missed should be in the mail), and the invitations go out in August! Keep checking back for more information as we update every couple of weeks!

God Bless!


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