Continued from Our Last Post

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Continued from Our Last Post

So… where was I?

Nichole had been given her first classroom to decorate and prepare for the coming school year. So what was she to do in terms of getting the room ready? Well, anyone who knows Nichole knows that she went ALL OUT… or about as all out as a young couple with a tight budget can go. 🙂 She was able to get enough borders, colorful posters, and some neat furniture to deck her room out and make it a place the students would (and indeed DO) love to come into every morning. She painted her desk to get it pretty and not quite so old-looking. She even had me come in and hang up some of her posters and such EVERYWHERE, from the lowest part of the walls all the way up to the tippy top – where even I needed a chair to reach.

While all of that was going on, Nichole and I got to go back to San Diego for her friend Brittany’s wedding. Nichole was a bridesmaid, and I was on vacation. 😉 We stayed at the friend of the Paquet family Cata’s house… which also happens to be across from the Paquet’s old place in San Diego. It was a slightly bitter moment when we first went to Cata’s place to sleep the first night and Nichole had to only wave at her childhood home, but that feeling quickly subsided when we went inside and got the warmest welcome possible by Cata. Going from the 110 Degree heat in Oklahoma to the 74 Degree weather in San Diego was fantastic enough, but sleeping in a California king bed in a nice suite with all of the windows open in July made for some of the best sleep either of us had for a long while!

Bridal Party before the Bachelorette Party

Nichole and I dancing at the Thompson-McKinney wedding reception

The whole weekend went by far too quick, but to abridge the whole story, Nichole got to hang with the Bride and her party for an epic bachelorette party and I got to have fun with the guys at their party, and both of us really enjoyed the homemade spread of food and goodies for the rehearsal dinner. Since Joyce (one of Nichole’s childhood friends) was also one of the bridesmaids I got to hang out with her fiance Devin, which was a blast and definitely added to my vacation. There’s nothing like smoking a cigar next to the beach, people watching and shooting the breeze!

The wedding itself was beautiful, I got to meet more of Nichole’s friends from high school and we both got to party the night away and wish the newlyweds a beautiful life ahead.

Once back home in Stillwater, it was back to the grind, Colie with her school and graduate work and me with the Podium publication and the beginnings of National Convention. We also got back into our normal schedule, which meant going back to our church(es). Coincidentally, over the summer we had gone to First Presbyterian the same day they had an afternoon brunch, and we met up with one of my childhood friends Danielle and her husband David as well as a couple of new friends Dustin and Melody. What started as a coincidental meeting after church has led to an awesome tailgating group before OSU games, a couple of double date nights and an awesome group to hang out with. Add to that the fact that we were asked to help out with Sunday school along with our associate pastor and her husband, Leah and Nat (respectively) and you’ve got an awesome group of people we’ve been around and some wonderful new experiences ahead for this Fall.

Truly we are feeling blessed coming into the final crunch time for wedding preparations. Of course, life cannot be completely smooth – we have to have some kind of fun along the way, right? One night, while coming home from eating with friends, Nichole spotted a kitten in the gutter on the side of the road. A couple of minutes and some batted eyelashes towards me later, and we’ve taken the kitten home to our already full household. The kitten (a sweet female calico we started calling Fred) took to us wonderfully. Unfortunately, Buttons and Noelle didn’t like her… like, at all! So we knew we would need to find her a home. A couple of weeks and lots of Facebook talking later and we’d found her a home. A few weeks ago we took her into Tulsa and dropped her off with her new family and a little boy who adores her. We know she’ll have a lovely home with them, and it was a great distraction and stress reliever to come home to a fun kitten to play with for a few days. 🙂

Fred the Kitten hanging out at our apartment

That about does it for now. We’re still extraordinarily busy, but Colie is into the swing of things at work and already making a name for herself as an excellent teacher to both her peers and her students and their families. Work is work for me – I’ve finished the largest print publication for our organizations in the last couple of decades and am well into the design phase of several projects for both my main workplace and a few organizations around town. Now we’re just counting down the days until we get to walk down the aisle with our friends and family. Hopefully now I can get a chance to update more often, but till next time – Take care, everyone and have a wonderful day!

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