A Year for Change

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2013 was an amazing year for our little family. We left Stillwater, OK and made the move to Rogers, AR. We were heartbroken to leave our church family and all the amazing friendships we had established in the area, but a new journey called to us.

Nick immediately began his new position at our local Chamber. He loved it the moment he started, and he loves it still. We had to live apart for a while, but two of my girlfriends housed me in Guthrie until the school year was up. I get to keep very special moments from those visits, and two women who will be my friends for life. I miss them everyday.

Finding a job in Rogers was not easy. I must have filled out hundreds of job applications for an array of openings and all to no avail. After months of searching, a chance meeting led to a hand-off of my resumé and a subsequent interview.

God came through.

I was hired to work as an English teacher at a local alternative high school. I have loved every moment since.

On top of our careers coming together and moving in positive directions, we added to our family. I had been relentless about my desire to adopt a puppy, and so as an early Master’s degree gift, Nick gave me the go ahead. Ellie joined our family shortly thereafter:

Ellie PuppyYou can see why we love her so much. A cute face like this can’t help but to melt your heart.

Ellie soon decided that the pool was her favorite place in the world:

Ellie puppy poolIt was a hot summer. She made the most of pool time!

Since mommy was still looking for a teaching job, Ellie got an infinite amount of attention. Spoilage occurred quite young. Also, since daddy only worked two miles from home, he’d come home for lunch to visit with mommy. This led to some massive begging:

Ellie Puppy and DadIt was difficult not to give her a little bit a love despite her begging. Come on, how can you say not to this:

Ellie puppy couchThe correct answer is: You can’t.

Ellie wouldn’t be alone in the world for long. Buttons and Noelle hated her the minute she came into the house, but she would soon get a brother that would accept her and love her for everything that she was.

best friends

best friends2They love each other!

Soon, they began to fight for their parents love. Luckily, we had enough to share:

JB and Mom2

Daddy and furbabiesOur two newbies have enriched our lives more than we could have ever imagined. They are worth every moment.

Ellie has taken a particular liking to her dad, though:

Ellie and DadI might be a little jealous. 😉

Anyhow, we have been feeling blessed as ever. This year will bring many new changes as well. Although, at this point in time, we’re not sure what those will be.

We have big plans, but we know God is bigger and everything will happen in His time.

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