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We are simply thrilled that you are joining us on our very special day. Your company and support mean the world to us, and your presence is the greatest gift we could ask for!


Our Honeyfund

Although Nichole and I are still in need of some household necessities, traveling is one of our big dreams. Needless to say, our honeymoon was higher on our list of priorities than filling the house with new items. Hawaii has been one of my favorite destinations since I was a child, and remains on the top of my list of places to visit. As Colie has never been to the islands, we chose this location as our honeymoon destination! As we are just starting out on our journey together, we need help making this dream a reality. If you’d like to treat us to some evening drinks, a nice dinner on the island, or you’d just like to see what we are planning, please check out our honeyfund at:

Visit our honeyfund at, the free honeymoon registry


Bed, Bath and Beyond

Although we have managed to collect many items through our college years, we are still in need of some things to make our house a home!

We are registry #12608655.

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Click on “Wedding and Gift Registry”.

Go to “Find a Registry” and search Nichole Paquet.

This will bring up two registries, click on registry #12608655.