Bride’s Party

The ladies in my party have been by my side through thick and thin, and I am so blessed with their friendship. Each and every one of these women are very special to me in their unique ways, and I am so proud to have them standing next to me as I start my married life. Thus I present:

Maid of Honor

Brittany Paquet

The minute my sister was born, I had a best friend for life. There is nothing quite like a sister, and I will always feel extraordinarily blessed that it was Bee that I got. We have been through every moment together, and have thousands of stories we can share. Brittany is currently working for my father’s company with her beau, and will be moving much closer to Nick and I in the near future – I am counting down the days! We have missed out on being together since I left San Diego, and we have much time to make up for!

Bee is one of the most incredible women I know. She’s fluent in sarcasm, wine, and cheese, and she’s one of those women you just can’t help but to fall in love with when you meet. We ran track together in High School, braved morning fights over the shower, competed over who got to drive the car, and took care of each other through every heartbreak. She’s honest and real and has never hesitated to tell me what she thinks. The minute she met Nick, I knew we were good to go. They took to giving each other a hard time immediately, and he was inducted as a new brother. Although there was the occasional complaint about his Darth Vadar like snoring she could hear through the walls of the house, he mixed with our family perfectly, and she let me know early on he fit.

Matron of Honor

Michelle Redman (Villani)

Chell and I met each other our freshman year in college. It was one of those instantaneous friendships – the kind where you realize you’ve probably known each other forever, even if we had just met. We have experienced so much together through the years, and if there’s one person who knows every single facet of my personality, it’s this girl. We will always be best friends – she knows too much! The good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between, she’s been by my side, holding my hand through it all. From our love of everything Texas, and the many hours we have spent experiencing new things and having random adventures – our memories will always be held very closely to my heart.

As she begins her new role as a wife this summer, my heart goes with her. She’s graduating with her Master’s degree in Social Work in May, as well as becoming Mrs. Redman in June. She and her husband live in Yucaipa, California, and will be traveling a great distance to be with us in Tulsa this fall.


Coleen Brazeau

Leenie is my closest (and only) cousin on the Paquet side. She is only six months younger, but has done a great deal with her life already. She’s a successful business woman for Flying Wrench Services in Kingston, Washington where she lives with her husband Bernie and her son Connor (and of course, their beautiful hounds Lady and Boomer)! We have been friends since infancy, and have been through so much together. From butt-flops, to the grandparents hot tubs, to fishing off their back porch dock in Iowa, to our famous Forks and La Push trip last year – we have shared so much! I’m so excited she and her growing family will join us for this wonderful event!



Joyce Fee (Almario)

Joycie and I were seated next to each other in our fourth grade class at Dingeman Elementary. We’ve been friends ever since. Every new year at school, every school dance, and every birthday (of which ours are six days apart), from the time were were 8 to the time we were 17 we spent together. We’ve racked up hours of girl talk, shopping, coffee dates, and nights out. We went our separate ways for college, but both ended up a short hour away from each other last year.

Joyce works for General Mills, and her company brought her to Fayetteville, Arkansas. I drove down one night shortly after she joined me in the mid-west, and we sat at an ice cream parlor laughing at the irony that we two San Diego girls ended up in Arkansas and Missouri. She has been a great source of comfort and love for me so far from home, and our visits always lift my spirits. It has been so much fun to be able sit and plan our weddings together, both sitting on her couch with our laptops planning while watching Say Yes to the Dress. It’s been quite a ride!

Brittany Thompson (McKinney)

Brittany and I have known each other since our Dad’s coached our soccer team together. We met on a tire swing the summer before our sixth grade year, and ever since, we’ve been by each other’s sides. Britt received her Master’s in Art History from University of California Davis last summer, and she and her fiance Andrew currently live in New York. Joyce, Britt and I were friends from middle school on, and the three of us have been through it all together. The majority of my memories have these girls in them, and I love that we’re all getting to experience this together.



Maggie Greenwood

I met Maggie through Nick on a trip up to Springfield before a Midwestern District Convention they were heading out for. That night, in combination with our South West District Convention adventure and our friendship was sealed. Maggie is currently at University of North Texas pursuing her Master’s degree, and the girl can play some awesome clarinet. We have had quite the fun, from midnight at the Holiday Inn hoarding lotion and pens, to late nights at National Convention enjoying the general festivities. 🙂 Maggie is one of the most awesome ladies I know, and I feel so blessed that she has signed on to support Nick and I on this very important day. I look forward to the growing pool of inside jokes I know are just going to explode each new adventure together!